Who We Are

Foothold Cymru is a social justice charity that empowers communities and individuals to achieve real change. We are united by a common vision: creating resilient communities where everyone has a decent standard of living.

Our Approach

Social justice is at the heart of everything we do. We design our services with communities, ensuring that those most affected are active participants in creating sustainable change.

Our Vision and Values

Our vision is of a Wales, free from poverty with social, economic and environmental justice for all; where people thrive and not just survive and enjoy a decent standard of living.


Our Mission

To support people to address the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality, through designing our services with, not for, individuals and communities, most affected by these issues.


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Live and Thrive

"Live & Thrive" is our commitment to ensuring that everyone has equal access to essential services that enhance their overall well-being. We firmly believe that no one should encounter obstacles when striving for a healthy, dignified, and empowered life.

Learn and Grow

"Learn and Grow" is our commitment to providing practical support for individuals across all age groups to access learning opportunities, dismantling barriers to lifelong learning.

Protect and Sustain

"Protect & Sustain" is our pledge to champion environmental justice and sustainability. We accomplish this by dismantling obstacles to community engagement, promoting a mindset that views waste as a valuable resource, and nurturing green spaces for the benefit of all.

Our impact


The year established as a not for profit organisation.

250,000 +

The number of people we've supported.


For every £1 invested in Foothold Cymru we have generated £8.50 in added value.

10,000 +

The number of people who we have supported to move closer or into employment.

3000 +

The number of employers and businesses who have supported our work.

Impact Report


Our Values


Everyone has a contribution to make regardless of visible and invisible differences. We are open to everyone and embrace diversity.

Enthusiastic and Committed

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realise their potential.  To thrive not just survive.


 We treat everyone with respect, dignity, kindness, empathy and compassion.


We safeguard and protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.

Continually Learning

Our work is driven by people and communities with lived experience.


We are honest, transparent and open at all levels of our work.

Our People

At Foothold Cymru, our strength lies in our people. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to support and nurture communities, ensuring that every person can fulfil their potential. But we're not alone in this journey. Our incredible volunteers play a vital role, making it all possible.


Guiding our mission is a diverse Board of Trustees, bringing a wealth of expertise from various fields, including community development, the environment, education, the law, finance, and the voluntary sector. Local people also bring local knowledge and lived experience.  Together what sets our trustees apart is their deep connection and commitment to the very communities we serve, right here in West Wales.


Together, we are Foothold Cymru, and together, we are making a difference. Join us in our work for social justice and vibrant, thriving communities.

The team making a difference