Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

Companies and businesses choose to volunteer with us for all sorts of reasons. From giving their teams a chance to learn new skills, to investing in their communities and doing their part to make sure young people have the future they’d wish for. There are so many reasons to support us.


And there are so many ways we can make use of your generously donated time. From delivering much needed food in rural communities, to sorting children’s clothes and helping to maintain our community gardens which provide fresh produce for our community stores. We’ve got a volunteering opportunity to support every team and skill set.


And you can be sure that your donated time will make a difference to the communities and families we serve.


For more information call 01554 779910 or email us at info@footholdcymru.org.uk.

Impact on your team

Volunteering for Foothold Cymru will not only assist us and the people we support but it will also provide benefits to your employees.


I really valued being able to step away from work life to contribute to a charity that improves the lives of people in my home community. I spent a day in the community garden harvesting food for families who are struggling to make ends meet and another day mentoring young people who are trying to get their first break on the career ladder. At the end of the two day's, I felt like I’d made a tangible difference to the lives of people in my community

Corporate Volunteer

Community Garden & Mentoring


As a family company based in West Wales, the work of Fothold has long been close our heart. So we decided to develop a volunteering opportunity in to our employee policy so we could share the skills of our employees with the community. Our team returned after a day’s volunteering with a great sense of achievement, and Foothold created a press release and social media coverage which shared our work with the community. It was a great success and something we plan to do annually

Corporate Volunteer

Team Away Day

Opportunities Available


Delivering various workshops to support the development of practical skills like cooking and gardening


Helping us to get food out to areas lacking in essential services


Hub Assistants

Supporting the work of our Tool Library and Clothes & Uniform Exchange


Helping young people to build confidence and realise their potential

Garden Enthusiasts

Planting, cultivating and harvesting fresh produce for our community food hubs.

Team Decorating

Decorating our community spaces as a team so we can provide a welcoming space for those who use our services.