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Foothold Cymru Bike Library

Foothold Cymru is proud to announce its newest project the Foothold Cymru Bike Library, which will be launching on Tuesday 9th July 2024.

Located at the Lord Arthur Rank Centre the Bike Library is the newest project to be launched and offers an exciting new library concept for bicycles.

Community members will be able to register free of charge to use the bike library, allowing them to borrow bicycles from the bike library catalogue for weeklong periods.


The bike library catalogue consists of a selection of bikes from adults through to children’s bikes. All bikes in the catalogue are generous donations from the community which are inspected and maintained before adding to the catalogue.


A launch event will take place at the Bike Library on the Tuesday 9th July 11.30am – 2.00pm to showcase the new project and all are welcome to attend.


The project aims to provide, not only a bike library to community members allowing them access to a sustainable and free source of transportation. But also aims to increase the community awareness on topics related to sustainable transportation options in the community.


The project will also provide 6-week workshops related to bike maintenance along with a bi-monthly drop in fix it fair event. Information sessions will also be provided related to bike issues such as safe cycling routes in the community.


We hope to see you at our launch event, if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering or donating bikes towards our bike library please reach out to Charlotte at 07538 893 824.


Foothold Cymru Bike Library
09 Jul

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Foothold Cymru Bike Library

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