Full Circle & Zero Waste Week

Full Circle & Zero Waste Week


About Full Circle

As we come to the end of Zero Waste Week, we're happy to introduce ‘Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch’ - a visionary three-year project funded by Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, which is dedicated to developing Llanelli as Wales's first Zero Waste Town.
With a commitment to fostering sustainable green futures, this project acts as a rallying call for us all to unite and be the change-makers our environment desperately needs.

Empowering Llanelli's Community

Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch isn't just a project – it's a collaboration. Our community will take centre stage, as local people join forces to design and implement innovative zero waste initiatives. Our community has so much collective talent, skill, imagination and passion, and the achievement of becoming Wales's first Zero Waste Town will belong to us all.

A Blueprint for Progress

While the immediate goal is to transform Llanelli, the impact of Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch extends far beyond our town's borders. Every lesson learned, every strategy developed, and every challenge overcome will serve as a blueprint for other towns in Wales to embark on their own Zero Waste journey. The ripple effect that Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch initiates has the potential to shape the entire nation's future as a world beacon of zero waste excellence.

Join the Movement: Your Call to Action

Are you passionate about protecting the environment, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like you can’t make a difference on your own? Now is the time to step forward, add your voice, and be a part of Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch’s success.

This Zero Waste Week, we call upon every individual who cares about our community, and believes in a cleaner, greener future to stand with us. Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch isn't just about reducing waste; it's about creating a legacy of sustainability that future generations will be grateful for. Let's be the change we wish to see, TOGETHER!

Complete our form to be a part of Full Circle – Cwblhau’r Cylch, and help shape Llanelli's future as Wales's first Zero Waste Town. The time for action is now. Will you answer the call?

Call Alder on 07961 877049 or email alder@footholdcymru.org.uk

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