Great Big Green Week

The #GreatBigGreenWeek officially starts today!!!

Protecting the environment, nature and re-using all that we can is incredibly important to us here at Foothold Cymru.  Which is why we're joining in with The Climate Coalition's #GreatBigGreenWeek - it's a chance to celebrate community action to tackle climate change and protect nature!

The Climate Coalition have gathered hundreds of organisations across the UK to promote events aimed at informing and engaging participants with the environment, and sharing what we can all do to protect it.

Visit the Great Big Green Week website to find events across the UK, but we'd love you to join in with any of our events here in Llanelli this week, which all have a #GreatBigGreenWeek theme. Check out our Facebook Events for more info

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17 Nov
Case Study

Meet John from Litter out of Llanelli

Full Circle Launch
21 Nov

Full Circle Launch

Big Help Out
20 Nov

#IWill Week 23