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The Centre for Building Social Action has been supporting communities in West Wales with life’s essentials for over 30 years. To mark this milestone they have decided to return to the name that they started out with: Foothold Cymru.

Many long term supporters of this Carmarthenshire based charity will know that it launched in 1991 and delivered services under the name of Foothold for nearly 20 years. Now as the charity approaches the end of its 30th year it has decided to return to its roots and become Foothold Cymru.

Chief Executive of Foothold Cymru, Mike Theodoulou says: ‘We feel that the name Foothold Cymru perfectly captures the work of our charity, which gives individuals and communities a “secure foothold” from where they can move forward and thrive, not just survive. We also know that the name ‘Foothold’ still resonates with many of our long-term supporters and service users, so for us it seemed only natural that we mark the completion of our 30th year of service by returning to our roots.’

Over the last 30 years the charity has supported over a quarter of a million people, secured over £30million for local projects and more recently it’s supported over 500 families to put fresh, healthy food on their tables. And at this time of huge social, environmental and economic upheaval its work has never been more needed.

Its support services are focused around life’s essentials: food, education and work. It provides practical solutions to those struggling to make ends meet with food and clothing, it supports people back to work and it offers alternative opportunities for people to learn. At the heart of its work is a focus on developing services with the communities and individuals most affected by these issues.

The charity will be marking the completion of its 30th year and the return to the name ‘Foothold Cymru’ with their first ever fundraising campaign, entitled ‘30 Pounds for 30 Years.’

The charity is asking businesses and individuals to donate £30 to support its vital services. That’s £1 for every year it’s been delivering services across Carmarthenshire. By giving £30 supporters will be helping the charity and its work to help families and communities with life’s essentials.

Fundraising Manager, Emily Wells says ‘There’s a huge need for the services we’re providing here in West Wales and demand is only going to grow in 2022. We want to be there for everyone who needs our help, and with the generous backing of local businesses and individuals we can do just that’

If you would like to support Foothold Cymru and celebrate their completion of 30 years of service, please visit www.footholdcymru.org.uk and click on the ’30 Pounds for 30 Years’ banner, or the ‘Donate’ button.

If you, or someone you know, would like support from Foothold Cymru please visit www.footholdcymru.org.uk to find out about all the services they offer and how to access them.

*Notes for Editors*

  • Foothold Cymru is a social justice charity. 
  • Established 30 years ago, the charity aim is to tackle both the causes and consequences of poverty and inequality by unlocking potential within the most vulnerable individuals and communities within West Wales.  In doing so, it recognises that the solutions and the skills to put them in place, are often to be found in the lived experiences and understanding of the people and communities affected. 
  • The charity began life in 1991 as Foothold. It then became the Centre for Building Social Action.
  • It legally became Foothold Cymru in December 2021, publically launching the name change on the 10th January 2022.
  • Registered charity number: 1188696

    Foothold Cymru focus on three areas of work:

Living Well: The charity want to see a Wales without poverty. Where everyone has a decent standard of living, thriving and not just surviving.   Therefore, it focuses on the practical stuff. To help household incomes go that little bit further it delivers a range of services such as supporting access to affordable, quality, fresh food, and tools and equipment to maintain homes. And it offers clothes and essentials to families who need them.

Learning Well: It understand a traditional learning setting doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s also important to get qualifications to take the next life step. So it offers a range of formal and informal learning opportunities for young people and adults who’ve have been failed by the traditional system.

Working Well: It provides employment and enterprise support in response to our community’s needs. As part of this it offers a range of employability training and paid work placements.

Co-production is at the heart of what the charity does. It’s a way of working where people come together in an equal partnership to create something new or make changes to an existing situation. The principle behind co-production is that everyone who might be affected by something has valuable knowledge and experience that can help to design and deliver it in a way that makes it more effective for everyone who uses it.

Based in the town of Llanelli, Foothold Cymru supports individuals and communities across West Wales.

For press and PR enquiries please contact Emily Wells emily@footholdcymru.org.uk Tel: 01554 779910 Mob: 07398 740599

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