13 JAN

Energy Savings Week

To mark Energy Savings Week 2022 we want to share with you some top tips to save energy and money!! The Energy Saving Trust recently published a list of quick and easy energy saving tips, here’s their top 5 suggestions:

  1. - Save around £45/year by keeping showers to four minutes or less
  2. - Save around £40/year by switching off devices rather than leaving them on standby
  3. - Save around £30/year by draught-proofing gaps (you can even save more money by making these yourself!)
  4. - Save around £20/year by washing clothes at 30
  5. - Save around £14/year by switching off all lights when you don’t need them on

Simply implementing these five techniques could save you a whopping £149 which is money that could be saved, kept for emergencies or for next years Christmas shop!

But thats not all! There are literally hundreds of small changes you can make, all of which will impact your energy bills. Electrical appliances consume much of the energy we use, so making changes here can have a big difference. Here are some appliance-specific energy saving tips:

  • Get a smart metre! The chances are you’ve already got one, been offered one or waiting for one to be installed but if not, contact your energy supplier and ask for one! These handy devices can help you track moment-by-moment which appliances are using energy and how much!
  • If you have a dish washer, make sure it’s always full before using and run it on a low temperature
  • Likewise, only use your washing machine when you’ve got a full load to reduce the amount of washes needed and again wash on a cooler temperature. If possible, try to air dry your clothes rather than using tumble dryers which consume lots of energy.
  • If you are getting or considering a new appliance, try to get an energy-efficient electrical appliance. Electrical appliances are nearly always more effective than gas and a lot of newer models and devices aim for the EU’s ‘A+++’ rating
  • Turn off and unplug any appliance you aren’t using! It’s always best to turn it off and unplug it saving far more energy than simply switching to ‘standby’
  • Just making some of these small changes could help reduce your energy use and therefore reduce your energy costs!

Always check to see if you're entilted to the Warm Home Discount! For more information call your energy provider, or your local Citizens Advice. Contact information can be found on the posters below. 


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