21 NOV

Families Together keeps growing with new training

Families Together delivers a range of training in a variety of settings throughout Carmarthenshire. Moving into the second year of the project, Families Together have developed a programme of informal training that focuses on partipcants ability to cope with change. 

Under the banner of resilience, forward planning, and financial capability, the project runs sessions in:  Mindfulness, SMART Goal Planning, Money matters and money Management tools, beliefs & values, and Personal Development.  Families Together also offers workshops that include upcycle and reuse activities, growing food and healthy eating sessions. 

To support the development of an individuals’ curriculum vitae Families Together also deliver a range of accredited training at Level 1 and 2 in areas such as Self-Development, Personal Money Management, Decision Making and Work Experience.

For more information on the project call us on 01554 779910.

17 Nov
Case Study

Meet John from Litter out of Llanelli

Full Circle Launch
21 Nov

Full Circle Launch

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20 Nov

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